Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fully Corked: Wine tasting in Naramata, BC

A couple weekends ago Mike and I joined our friends Lara, Barry, Ange and Kyle on a wine tasting trip to the Okanagan. We rented a house in an orchard in Naramata and from there we explored the area.  We spent the days relaxing, wine tasting, walking the Kettle Valley Railway trail and enjoying the sun. Lara, Barry and I even snuck in a run along through the vineyards on Naramata bench. Here are some pics showing the highlight of the weekend we dubbed "Fully Corked":

Wineries we visited: Kettle Valley, Serendipity, Therapy, Ruby Blues, La Frenz, Hillside, Black Widow, Moraine and Howling Bluff.

Accommodations: "Naramata Outlook" Vacation Property. It was fabulous, fit  6 people more than comfortably, had great views and amenities and was within walking distance to several wineries.

Our house

mmm...Gewurztraminer Slushies at Kettle Valley Winery

Walking home from the Wineries

View from our house

Hiking the KVR
Hiking the KVR

Therapy WInery

Picking Cherries

Howling Bluff Winery


Barry, Lara and Ange; Dinner at Hillside Winery

Kyle, Mike, Amber and Barry; Dinner at Hillside Winery

Ange & Kyle's Haul

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