Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coquihalla Take 2

On Dec 30, 2012 we headed back to the Coquihalla Hwy with the ACC for another epic day of backcountry skiing. We went with Stephen Hooper (Trip leader), Robert Stupka, and Daniel Hudson, the same group we went with last time.  This time we parked at a pullout South-West of the Falls Lake parking area and toured up Nak Peak.  We climbed to an area just below the summit block of Nak (~6000ft El.) and then traversed below the Nak summit to the Nak-Thar Col.  From there we found a wicked alpine bowl where we set up a "base camp" and spent the day skiing laps in the bowl on a bluebird day. A few areas were windswept, but if you chose your lines wisely there were sweet line with great powder to be had. The weather was great for most of the day, slightly below freezing in the sun, but the wind picked up and the temperature dropped in the late afternoon. By then we were all worn out from all the skiing so we traversed back over to Nak for one last awesome run all the way down to the pipe line and out to the car. We ended the trip with a compulsory stop for food at Home Restaurant in Hope. Thanks for organizing another sweet day skiing the Coqu. Stephen!

Photos By Stephen Hooper:

Photos By Robert Stupka:

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