Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peru - Lima, Paracas (Pisco) and Nasca

Lunch in Lima
 On Thursday March 29 we said goodbye to Ecuador and took a 2.5 hr flight to Lima, Peru. We arrived to our hotel in Lime, the Britania Miraflores, at 10:30 am. Once we were settled we walked down to the Larcomall to have lunch on the Oceanside. After lunch we met up with Dave, Debbie, Wendy and Richard at Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee in the sunshine
Lima, Peru

Pisco sour
We spent the afternoon exploring the Miraflores neighbourhood of Lima, including some churches and the city square full of cats and then we relaxed of some Pisco Sours. Yum! That night we met the rest of the group that we are going to be travelling with for the next three weeks and then spent the evening at a local park that is filled with 15 water fountains and a dancing
water laser show.

Dancing Water Show, Lima

Paracas Sunset
The next day was essentially a travel day.  We left after lunch for a 4 hr bus ride to Paracus, which is a small port town near Pisco, Peru. The trip started out eventful for Simon who was in a cab where the drive asked him to steer while he messed around with the electrical panel in the car that proceeded to start on fire! Luckily he made it to the hotel safely! We stayed at a hotel just a block from the beach, so after watching the sunset we headed to a beachside restaurant for our first group dinner where we had grilled shrimp and got to know each other over a few beers.

Paracas, Peru

On Saturday Morning we had breakfast overlooking the ocean where we saw dolphins playing in the harbour and then we set out for a full day of activities. We started out with a trip to Pisco factory where we learned how Pisco was made and we got to taste Peruvian wines and Pisco Sours. The factory also had a fabulous little chocolate shop that we indulged in.

Desert & Dune Buggies

Our next stop was a town called Huacachina, which is actually an Oasis in the middle of the dessert between Pisco and Nasca. This is where we had an awesome afternoon of Dune buggy rides and sand boarding. It was so much fun! We took the dune buggies into the middle of the dessert, down some crazy steep dunes and finally we got to get out on three different dunes and basically toboggan down the sand dunes. It was so fast, but so much fun!

Sand Boarding
Dune Buggies

Nazca Lines
After a tasty lunch back in town we continued our journey to Nasca. The drive to Nasca was spectacular, going from being surrounded by hills and sand to lush green valleys appearing out of no where near every water source. On the way to our hotel we stopped at a Nasca Line viewing platform and got to see the tree and the frog.  The Nasca Lines our crazy, they are so big and perfectly drawn, it’s a complete mystery as to how they were created. That night we stayed in a Hacienda in Nasca with a great pool and courtyards and spent the evening relaxing in the warm evening air.

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