Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Table Mountain Circuit Ski Tour

View of  Mt. Shuksan from Herman Saddle
  Last weekend Mike and I joined an ACC trip out to Table Mountain in Mt Baker National Park, WA, USA. The day was beautiful, clear and warm and the avalanche rating was at moderate (or level 2), providing good stability for the trip.  We started out our day meeting in Maple Falls and then headed over to the upper parking lot at Mt Baker Ski area.
Table Mountain
We were on our way all geared up at about 9:30 am. Our biggest concern for the day was crossing below the South Face of Table Mountain as it tends to become unstable as it is heated by the sun throughout the day.
In order to cross under this face as early as possible we circumnavigated the mountain in a clockwise direction.
Mt Baker
 When we reached the South face of Table mountain, after a long climb and short run off of a shoulder, we noticed evidence of previous slides in the area, so we spaced out moved quickly and watched out for one another as we crossed the “danger zone”.

Danger Zone: South Face of Table Mt.

 Once we got through this area we found a high point to take a break for lunch where we could enjoy views of both Mount Baker and Mt Shuksan. The lunch break was quite relaxing and enjoyable with temperatures reaching a balmy +10c.

After lunch we enjoyed another short run down to Iceberg lake which we crossed and then skinned up for our final climb of the day up to Herman Saddle.  On the way to Herman Saddle we were entertained by some ice climbers on “Death Picnic (WI6)”.

Death Picnic (WI6) on North face of Table Mt.

From Herman Saddle we enjoyed a great, long run all the way back to the parking lot followed by some well deserved cold beers at “Chair 9”.  

The complete circuit was about 10km in length with 600m of elevation gain and took about 6 hours travelling at a moderate pace, including a lunch break.

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