Monday, March 21, 2011

Roger's Pass 2011

A few weeks ago Mike and I, along with friends Daniel Leidl, Charles Chataway and Steve Oliver, headed to Roger's pass for 4 days of backcountry bliss with mountain guide, Tom Wolfe. We had an exceptional and challenging few days playing in the mountains with Tom's guidance and his excellent tail guide (and ski instructor) Brandon Reid to keep us safe.
We lucked out with the weather and avalanche conditions and as a result got to experience a bit of everything the Selkirks have to offer. Here's a quick trip summary:

Day 1 (Friday Feb. 25): High alpine traverse; skiied to the summit of Little Sifton peak and skied out through Hermit Meadows. Approx. 5200' elev. gained; 15km traveled. Long, physically challenging day but well worth the amazing views from the summit and getting to see Hermit Meadows in the winter. Beautiful, clear, cold (-25c) day.

Day 2 (Saturday Feb. 26): Coulier Extreme! Today it was a bit warmer (-20c), over cast with a few centimeters of fresh snow. We skied up into the alpine in the Flat Creek area to the NE avalanche path of Mount Smart (Peak 2205). This was by far the most mentally difficult day of the trip. going up was fine, skiing down pushed my limits for sure. The top of the chute was 48 deg. where the boys skied and 44 deg where I skied down; The steepest line I've ever skied in my life by far! Survival skied down till the slope mellowed out and then it was fabulous! 3500' elevation gained; 17km traveled.

Day 3 (Sunday, February 27): Skied the Flat Creek Avalanche Paths today. Cloudy with about a foot of fresh pow, ~ -15c. Skied up flat creek (similar area to yesterday) and skied for a super fun and mellow (compared to yesterday), 35 deg. avy chute. Big, open terrain with nice soft, awesome snow! Traveled about 15km, 3500ft elevation gain.

Day 4 (Monday February 28): Skied Teddy Bear Trees in some epic fresh powder. Over 2 ft of fresh from the night before. Still about -15c, snowing, cloudy skies all day. We skinned up high and did the first run through some steep trees (again, testing my limits) and then did a second lap, about 2/3 as long, in some mellower trees. Super fun, awesome skiing in a perfect powder day! Traveled 10km, 3000 ft (?) elevation gained. Finished off the trip with beer and "avalanchos" at the Roger's Pass Summit Lodge.

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