Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to Reality

The last few weeks have brought us into the midst of fall and back into reality and routine. It's been a nice change from the constant craziness of Summer. We're back to climbing and running regularly and it feels excellent to be getting noticeably stronger with every run and climb. We recently bought passes for the Edge Climbing gym and are pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere; a lot more laid back and less pretentious than gyms we have previously frequented. I'm quite enjoying indoor climbing for a change; it's been a while since I've actually enjoyed it instead of feeling it was just a chore to stay in shape for the outdoor season. The Fall running clinic is also now into full swing. I always love the fall clinic after taking a few months off of running; it always feels new and exciting to be back on the trails. The weather and temperatures this fall have been perfect for morning runs so far too. We're up to 1 hr 45 min now in our training schedule and slowly building to the 3 hour mark. It feels good to be ramping up the distance again and playing in the forest with a great group of people every week.

Apart from our revived exercise routine we've been out having some fun with friends too. We went to a BC Lions game last weekend where the Lions made a spectacular come-back in the second half of the game. There's something to be said for the outdoor stadium too; It's an awesome place to spend a warm fall evening. We also saw the movie "Social Network" this week which was surprisingly good. It was quite entertaining and a good choice for a night out at the movies.

Two weekends ago Mike and I went down to the annual Snow Show at the Vancouver convention center. for the past few years I've been using my backcountry ski gear to ski in the resorts. I decided that I should get another, stiffer and more responsive setup strictly for in-bounds skiing and thought the Snow Show would be the place to get it. I managed to score a brand new set of top of the line atomic skis and bindings, still in the plastic, for $300. The only catch, they were last seasons model. Oh no! ;P I'm pretty stoked to get a sweet set-up for so cheap. Now i just need the snow to start flying so I can get out and try them. Lets go winter!!!!

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